Sunday, August 10, 2008


Text to Secret Sara (my riding buddy and a complete legend)
Had 2 much wine + 4 hrs sleep, thought What Would Sara Do? so rode to Whittlesea.

OMG how great was the opening ceremony???? I was glued to every second of it! It was so nice sitting there with the the heater on, watching the grand spectacle with the rug over my knees and J snoring in the recliner by my side. It was wonderful - the 'dream rings'! the unrolling scroll! the magic carpet dancer! the admiral's journeys!the tai chi dancers! the low incidence of cute children! You rarely see such good goose-stepping these days, either, and when the middle-aged gold-medal gymnast with the torch just flew into the air to light the torch it was just breathtaking!
My favourite is always the the athletes' parade, although it went so fast, it was hard to find all the tiny countries in my atlas, and there was a disturbing tendency toward beige uniforms - I know ours were rather, er...shiny, but the colour was lovely.

Four hours' sleep was worth it, although I did have to channel the mighty Sara to get on my bike for my long ride. The wonderful Spousal Unit took Noddie and a picnic to Whittlesea, my planned turnaround point, so I couldn't wimp out even if I wanted to. Which I did. Crikey it was hard. I struggled to maintain 20km/hr. Had I really had that many sherbets to celebrate 08/08/08? No, as it turned out - the stupendous headwind that I was too busy blaming myself to notice on the way there was a glorious tailwind on the return journey! Bliss! Topped off with a dozy afternoon watching the olympics it made a Very Good Day.

This morning I was running in the heavy cold stupid rain. Although I was soaked, I was sort of enjoying myself in a cold wet way. It was good to be out there moving strongly. All of a sudden I noticed the first pink plum blossoms with their promise of Spring. Born to be alive came on the ipod, and I thought to myself, Yes. Yes, I am.

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MorseyRuns said...

Just so you know for next time- the answer to "what would Sara do" after 4 hours sleep and too much wine is:
go back to sleep then have KFC for breakfast.
Great ride and I think you earned an afternoon nap.

airlie said...

nothing like a little olympic gold to get your motor running hey?

jeanne said...

ha ha ha to morseyruns. now you know sara is probly saying "What would LBTEPA do?" i'm jealous. i missed the opening bcs i NEED MY SLEEP. and then i missed the reruns cuz i needed to practice tire changing. Good for you running in the cold rain! it's hard to conjure up those days in this lovely weather we're having.

it's disco time!

IHateToast said...

i enjoyed it, but it could have been tighter. why do people think that prettier has to be longer. and no more kids flying through the air. that part was painful. mark and i loved the spiralgraph dancers, drummers, and the old men with the reedy things. but no more pixies on strings.

and more time for the athletes. love the parade. love the nations that wear traditional dress. problem with uniforms is that they have to use one style to fit the gymnasts, weight lifters, swimmers, long distance runners. a designer's nightmare.

21stCenturyMom said...

I missed the opening ceremony every time it was on but I get that 'born to be alive' feeling. Of course running in the pouring rain might make me think "born a nut job" but maybe not.... maybe you are on to something!

Wes said...

Will we be changing that to WWLD? Riding into head winds? Running in the cold rain? My word... You are rockin it :-)

Miss Beck said...

My goodness!

You're a champ. All that after a night like that? Champ.

I loved the opening ceremony.

Tea said...

wow.....I am definitely channeling YOU this coming weekend for toughness!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Running in the rain, born to be alive...I LOVE IT!! That's the way to be!!

Kevin said...

Great job pushing yourself through it. As long as there's no lightning, running in the rain can be great

IronTriTim said...

An amazing opening ceremony. Being from the UK I question how London will be able to even come close to that in 2012.