Thursday, November 29, 2007

Most people are very nice

Well what a bloody roller-coaster.
I deleted yesterday's post because I didn't want to subject you to the flood of invective and vitriol which was the major Australian triathlon forum's response to my posting that there was now an Athena category and could they let anyone know who might be interested. There are no rockets falling on my house so I won't say it was a nightmare, but I have never witnessed, let alone been subjected to such a sustained attack. Nasty nasty nasty, and utterly, viciously prejudiced against larger women. I was particularly upset when this tirade spilled over to coolrunnings.
However, this morning I have
- been out on my bike and not got a flat.
- received nine encouraging emails and private messages from both forums (THANKS to you all, you are GREAT)
- spoken to the EOC and withdrawn my complaint as the inequity about which I was concerned has been redressed.
-had a long conversation with the CEO of Supersprint during which all the misunderstandings which had led to this unpleasantness (mostly created by the threatening attitude of the EOC officer, sadly) were cleared up. I was encouraged to compete as an Athena and promised every support.
- contacted Transitions and had my membership removed. Those people are not what triathlon, and sport in general, are about.

Now back to my thesis. If I work hard I might be able to hand the bastard in early and do the sprint tri next Sunday.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2r = f squared

Yes, two rides and two flats. It was a lovely morning though.
This time I had the thing changed and was off in twenty minutes, a PB!
Writing the results section of my thesis has so far taken two days. Then I must write the discussion, the abstract, the table of contents and make sure it's all in APA style.
There's no way out of this but through.

The Equal Opportunity Commission just rang.

More anon, crusaders!
*I am LBTEPA, hear me roar!LOL

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blunk drogging

Oh, happy, happy day!

Normal service will resume shortly (hic!)

Thursday, November 22, 2007


No, not a post about AWOL mojo nor a thesis-induced coma of frustration, but the epic tale of Minerva's first flat tyre!
Oooh gosh LBTEPA, you say, how very hardcore you are, riding about having flats and bravely mending them all by yourself in the middle of nowhere!
Alas, had it but been that simple.....had success not been thwarted by the slings and arrows of circumstance....alas!
Now read on....
Wake up feeling crampy and blah.
Decide to go out anyway
Put sunnies in pocket as still pretty dark
Watch sun rise, feel all privileged and cool
Take (fortunately el-cheapo) sunnies out of pocket
Drop them on road and watch truck run over them
Consider going home
Ride on
Notice back tyre is flat
Think to self, it would be the back tyre, wouldn't it?
Feel pleased I've had practice getting back wheel undone putting Minerva on the trainer
Resolve to never let the Spousal Unit (henceforth known as 'ol Iron Hands) put the back wheel on again
Briefly consider ringing Spousal Unit so he can undo the 'quick release' (hahahaha)
Struggle on
Cut finger
Undo 'quick release'
Remove wheel
Feel pleased at having remembered to put tyre levers in bike bag
Feel pleased at remembering how to use tyre levers
Feel pleased at having remembered to put spare tube in bike bag
Feel pleased at remembering how to get tube back in
Feel extremely pleased at remembering how to get tyre back on
Begin pumping up tyre
Check that valve doover is done up
Check that other valve doover is undone
Pump tyre
cut finger on pump
Check that valve doover is done up
Check that other valve doover is undone
Pump tyre
Check time.
Ring Spousal Unit for a lift home
Convince self it must be a faulty valve.
Feel cross at equipment failure preventing heroic journey - and tale - of obstacles overcome. 'Cause by crikey, although I do confess that until it came to the crunch I was a bit dubious about being able to do all the other stuff, I know I can pump up a tyre.
Put back wheel back on easily
Feel very surprised
Clean small proportion of total grease and mud from about my person
Wait by side of road.
Get lift home from Spousal Unit and Noddie
Tell Spousal Unit about eleven times that it wasn't my fault and I didn't just give up
Make Noddie's lunch, get her dressed, eat breakfast, shower, dress, take Noddie to childcare
Take Minerva to petrol station
Fail to inflate tyre using petrol station air thingy
Feel vindicated
Take Minerva to bike shop
Bike shop man has to hit JAMMED valve with a hammer to make it work
Feel vindicated
Buy new red bike sunnies

It's election day on Saturday. I'll be handing out how-to-vote cards in Orbost. You can make a difference to the future of this country. So do it.

More anon, comrades!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy birthday Noddie

Happy birthday darling.
What a lovely time we had :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

My brain hurts

The last three days I've been in the lab running analyses on my paltry data set and surpise surprise have found nothing approaching normality in the results so in order to fulfill the assumptions I've had to transform them all which helped with some but not all of them so then I ran my correlations and - hoorah! - found a significant positive correlation supporting my main hypothesis, but also - boo! - found a significant positive correlation between two of the factors of that scale and the dependent variable so I had to run partial correlations which immediately cancelled out the original significant finding (#$%*!).
*LATER: Hang on - I just worked out why that's not a bad thing, DOH! Jeez I'm slow...oh well, still 24 more sleeps to work on it.
It's Noddie's birthday on Sunday - we are making tiaras, don't you wish you were me? Of course you do. Tomorrow will be a slog of cleaning, cake making and icing, and decorating the house with ballons and streamers and Happy Birthday signs (here at chez LBTEPA we Do Not f#$% around on birthdays). Thank goodness I got the really hellish bit (shopping) out of the way this morning.

So I got nuffin what-so-evah for you today.
Good thing Kathryn tagged me the other day, eh?

Four dishes I like to cook:
1. Mrs. Miller’s chocolate cake – 3 eggs, 2 cups sugar, 250g butter…birthday decadence especially with butter icing. Mrs. Miller was a parent at St Bernard’s Bacchus Marsh when my mother taught there in about 200BC. She (Mrs. M) had 7 children so this is a BIG cake. So easy too – email me for the recipe
2. Boiled fruit cake. I can just about recite this recipe. Again, super easy and yummy.
3. Bread and butter pudding (are you seeing a theme here?
4. Cupboard surprise – when I look in the cupboard and am very surprised when there's somthing in there I can cobble together into a tasty repast (see also Fridge Surprise).
I don’t really like cooking which is why, when the Spousal Unit took over the cooking in order to avoid starvation when I was pregnant, I cunningly never took it back. Mwhahaha

Four qualities I love in people:
1. Kindness
2. Listening
3. Enthusiasm!
4. Reliability

Four places I have been:
1. Japan
2. Italy
3. Canada
4. Korea

Four things in my bedroom
1. The Spousal Unit
2. things I like to look at (besides the Spousal Unit)
· Jorg Schmeisser etching of sheep
· print of Monet’s Garden at Giverny
· Framed poem in Korean calligraphy
· Japanese woodblock print
3. Three clocks
4. My race bling, hanging from the corner of the mirror

Four dirty words I like to use:
1. Duty
2. Happy
3. Principles
4. Smeg

I tag Morsey, Jeanne and Lisa.

Smeg! I've just realised the time, I'm going home.
Have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mysteries of the universe

Now I'm by no means into all that Secret stuff, but an interesting thing happened to me recently. I have become disturbingly fixated on a BIG cycling goal for 2008. Of course I have been through the I could never do THAT/ how impossible/ terrifying/ exciting/ how can I make this happen? thought process many times over since the initial crazy notion tickled my brain.
Given my current zero-ish bike base I'll need to ride really consistently all winter to build up even an approximation of the necessary endurance, so once I'd broken the news of this latest and greatest-ever insanity* to the Spousal Unit I told him I wanted a bike trainer for my birthday. We started talking to bike people about the right sort to get, prices etc etc; it was all coming together nicely.
A week ago at the physio I was burbling on about my mad plan, mostly to distract myself from swearing at him for trying to force his thumb all the way through my calf. During a particularly evil manoeuver he remarked, we've got a bike trainer we never use, you can have it if you like.
Ooooh, really? said I, immediately more cheery despite the agony.
So yesterday I exchanged a gift-wrapped bottle of very nice champagne, cause I'm classy like that, for my new toy. And I put it together by myself, and it works properly too.
I don't think I attracted it, but what do I know?

Sleeps til Noddie's birthday - 5
Sleeps til the election (my Mum is the secretary of her local ALP branch; I always hand out how-to-vote cards and act as general factotum for her) - 11
Sleeps til SUB women's bike ride* - 18
Sleeps til thesis* due - 27
Sleep til big swim* - 32

Don't expect much sense out of me for the next month is all I'm saying.
More anon, pioneers!

*After all, what IS life without a stretch goal that makes you feel vaguely ill to contemplate? I haven't told you about my 08 running goal either, have I?

Saturday, November 10, 2007


This was going to be all long and profound but I want to have a nanna nap before Noddie insists that she's had a rest and wants to come out of her room now.
This week I got to believe.
Believe that all those weeks of stumbling, half-arsed, half-hearted, half-baked efforts, all the stuff-ups, blow-ups, make-it-ups, I-give-ups, all the plugging away at The Plan despite feeling inadequate and helpless and undisciplined and doomed-to-be-lardy forever
- all that -
will get me where I want to go eventually if I just keep trying to do the right thing.
Yes. They will. I know this because
- the number on the scale on Friday started with a 7. O, how I have looked forward to this day!
- I rode my bike for more than an hour.
- I cranked out 2km in the pool. Then I entered the 4km swim I was wavering over because now I think I can do it.
But mine, mine, all mine!
Cos I kept at it. I gave up, threw up my hands, said it was too hard and I didn't care, lots of times - just ask the Spousal Unit. But I always got back to it. Now I have this week, and this happy feeling, to keep me going back to it.
Dream big, keep taking little steps, and believe.
I could be on to something.

In other news, it's Noddie's birthday next week and the guest list she dictated to her father is as follows:
Nanny and Pa
Gran and Grandad
Uncles, Aunts and cousins (assorted)
5 little friends
Bob and Wendy
A, my best friend who lives in Perth
my naughty little sister and Bad Harry
Justine and Andrew from Play School. Mind you if Rhys popped in as well I wouldn't complain. Rwowr.
Should be a blast.

Bummer, there's Noddie already, finished adorning every inch of her bedroom floor with her toys and books and her paraphernalia and ready to start on the rest of the house.

*SUNDAY EDIT: The 7 has gone again, curse those mind-messing scales (and that chinese food). But I know what I saw.
More anon, jugglers!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cup Day 2007

08.30 Off to the TAB with booted andcowboy-hatted Noddie and her hobby horse Empire Rose. Noddie chooses horse to back based on colours of jockey's silks (which, alas, later runs last furlong as though it's tied to a rail), and fills in betting slip and posts it through machine at the counter. We at chez LBTEPA are all about culture, and if we're getting a public holiday for a horse race we want Noddie to know why.
09.30-12.30 Uni computer lab - start data analysis of paltry sample for the Bastard Thesis.
12.55 frock up for13.30 - 17.30 Cup Day party at friend's house, during which Noddie behaves absolutely charmingly - an utter fluke for which J and I naturally take full credit. Noddie remains committed to her hat at all times *wipes eyes* I'm so proudWin nothing despite having covered 80% of field in various sweeps.
18.00 Home.
More nibbles and drink
Crap TV
21.30 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Tomorrow: Back to The Regime!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Thanks for riding with me

When I set out on Minerva at 06.30 yesterday the road was dry and there were blue patches in the sky. By 7 a.m. I was soaked to the skin. It spat then it sprinkled then it drizzled then it poured and then it bucketed - and it didn't get any better. By halfway around my planned loop I was very very wet and very cold and starting to get a bit agitated. I knew I had to calm down because I was starting to tighten up, which would tire me out in about 0.0001 nanosecond if I let it get the better of me. It did cross my mind for about 0.0001 nanosecond to ring the Spousal Unit and ask him to come and pick me up - can't you just picture it? Spousal Unit? Oh sorry, did I wake you up? Can you (wake Noddie up and bring her out in the car in a storm and) come and get me (so I don't have to ride another 10km) 'cause I'm cold and wet? Thank goodness LBTEPA-of-the-ramrod-backbone stepped in. I started drinking more water and more gat0rade, and eventually actually began to enjoy myself, making up songs with lots of swearwords about what a legend I was* - as you do - and zooooooooming through the roadwater cause my shoes weren't going to get any wetter!
As I rode along I was thinking of all my friends who, even if they think I'm a lunatic, would understand why the rain pattering on my helmet and dripping into my eyes made me grin. You crazed souls who go out there too, celebrating our blessings of health and strength in the rain or the heat or on the hills - Wil, Wes, Jeanne, Misty, Jayme....and so many others - all of you were riding with me today. It was my furthest on the bike since the ankle reconstruction and I was completely exhilarated, in a very wet, cold way. I may be crazy, but who cares?

More anon - including tales of a day at the Whittlesea show with the grumpiest child in the universe. That's if I can bear to think of it again.

* Think "I'm a legend, I'm a f%^&ing legend, I'm a legend, riding in the rain" sung to 'Alouette'. Now try and get rid of that earworm. Mwahaha.

Friday, November 02, 2007

How was your October?

May I just begin by saying that the responses I received to mylast post proved yet again that I am very blessed in my readers? ((HUGS)) You make me feel lucky.
Now: the numbers.
*I didn't count the 5 days I was on antibiotics for a chest infection 'cause all I did was sleep and eat.
Exercise - 27/27 = 100%. I'm really happy with how working out is becoming a reliably pleasurable habit (does that mean I'm not training hard enough?). With a couple of event goals - more anon on that - it will become even more fun! (that probably proves I'm not training hard enough!). Time to start logging minute/kms etc in a sidebar I think.
Physio - 25/27 = 92%
Core - 11/16 = 68%. It took a little while after I got better to be able to bring myself to do anything painful. Back into it now. I usually stretch etc while the Spousal Unit is watching TV - we have very different tastes in shows but I like to be a bit sociable!
AFDs - 16/19 = 78%. I'm really working hard on this, especially identifying the reasons I want/have a glass of wine.
H2O - 24/27 = 88%. There's a reason this is still on the chart. I wonder if it will ever be second nature.
Thesis = 28 hours. *Sigh* More more more. Any Australian readers know anyone who has been managing a chronically painful injury or condition for more than 6 months who wouldn't mind filling in a few anonymous questionnaires for my research? I'm DESPERATE for subjects, I'm not joking. Excuse me while I hyperventilate.
Family and friends = 16/16 I've rung or emailed all my dear friends each week. I think this is improving the relationships already, especially with my sister.
As for my measurements/weight: THE SCALES AND TAPE MEASURE HATE ME and that's all I have to say about THAT. Onward!

Lately I've got into the habit of oooh I like that, it's not expensive, I'd wear/use it, I'll have it. There's nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but I'm noticing it more and more as a stress response accompanied by some anxiety as well. I like to feel disciplined about my spending habits, and lately I don't. Now the Plan is this: to buy nothing for myself that I don't especially need between now and the New Year. I've done this before - but this time I'm approaching it from a mindset of abundance rather than scolding. When I see something I'd like, I tell myself that I already have enough (shoes, clothes, jewellery - although I think we all know this last one is never true LOL) and then deliberately think about the nice things I already have. I tried it this morning out with Noddie and it worked really well. We shall see.

Can I hear you say WOOT! The physio was very happy with my progress this week, so LBTEPA is back on the road bay-bee! Run 3 minutes, walk 1 for 5km, three times a week; just me and my happy little collection of bop-along music. What could be nicer?

More anon, stargazers