Thursday, November 30, 2006

Warning:FTMI* about my achilles

My achilles is not chronic or degenerative yet and will not become so if I stretch stretch stretch and ice ice ice for a few days and then start to strengthen strengthen strengthen my achilles and also my core muscles which are still embarrassingly wobbly. My orthotics have been adjusted and DOH!!! I have to wear them when I'm riding my bike - (hello Captain Obvious didn't-think-that-through-did-I?) I'll run tomorrow morning then ring Chris-the-magician-podiatrist and we'll decide whether I run on Sunday. I've kissed goodbye any idea of a new 10kmPB and also of reaching 1000km for 2006; not to worry! There's 2007's goals all sorted out :)
I am so grateful for all the supportive comments and advice I've had here and on coolrunning.
I'm particularly grateful for Angel's remark that it is all about showing up. This week I was talking to a work friend and it came to me that every single time I face up to a situation that makes me feel absolutely terrified (like my first couple of half-marathons, the Olympic distance triathlon I'm thinking of doing, eek did I just put that down in writing? and the bloggers' dinner), every single time I take a deep breath and JFSU*, something really good and unexpected happens that changes my life.

BTW, I went to a 3rd birthday party on Tuesday and had 2 pieces of pizza (dinner) and one light beer instead of chips, icecream, wine and cake. It wasn't much fun but I certainly felt better next morning. Go me!
What "Go me!" moments have you had lately?

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*Far Too Much Information
*Just Show Up

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

waiting game

I know I know, three posts in three days, how very self-indulgent …but it’s my blog and this is really worrying me... although I am NOT catastrophising – I am BEING CALM and HOPING FOR THE BEST. I am NOT panicking, no no no no
For the last week or ten days, I’ve been having some ankle/achilles tendon soreness when I run. It goes away when I stretch and doesn’t pain me at other times. It could be
- cycling – too much too soon and/or poor bike fit
- summer – too much time in sandals and high heels
- referred pain from my unstable iliosacral joint/core muscles (a direct result of Noddie’s difficult birth – make sure you get a full physio checkup before resuming exercise after childbirth, ladies!!)
- orthotics needing adjustment, which they do. (slaps head - why do I put these things off?)

Achilles soreness is an absolute bogeyman for runners as it can be the harbinger of hard-to-manage chronic injury if not managed veeeeeeerrrrrry carefully and cautiously (but I am NOT panicking, no no no no).
I just feel a bit sick when I think about it all. But I am doing the right thing. I am not running at all until I see the physio and podiatrist. I am too old to bull-head myself into another chronic injury. It’s not going to happen.

But the thing is, (insert whiny tone) I have the Sussan 10km this Sunday that I’ve been training for for ages and was really rather hoping for quite an impressive PB and now I’d even settle for jogging it to get the t-shirt as long as I don’t hurt myself (but I am NOT panicking, no no no no…)
*POSSIBLE SILVER LINING!! Can’t run Sunday = can drink Saturday night at terrifying bloggers’ dinner!!!!*
And the other thing is this triathlon next week which I simply cannot think about just now.
The real thing is, I can’t see the physio and podiatrist until Thursday. I’m trying to be very zen and “oh well, what happens happens” about it. I’m sure it will all be ok.

OK, I’m sick of all this bloody drama. From here on I officially reframe this as a ‘thank-goodness-I-caught-it-in-time’ situation. It will all be ok.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Lists are my friends

Thanks so much to everyone for your lovely comments: they helped me snap out of my la-la attack much sooner than I would have otherwise.
I need to wriggle out from under this feeling of being overwhelmed and overcommitted. I need to FOCUS. Clearly I need to make a LIST! That’s it! A list will save me! So what's coming up, and what do I really need to do?
Refrain from berating myself for not being as prepared as usual
Reread 'Unplug the Christmas machine'.
Buy loads of plastic baubles so I can have a beautiful tree that Noddie can enjoy without my precious ornaments being wrecked.
Have house-decorating party on Saturday, even if it’s just me and Noddie.
Play lots of Christmas carols all the time mwahahaha
Gloat that all my shopping is done
Think about whether I want to wear my tacky festive earrings this year.
BLOGGER'S DINNER this Saturday night
Resist wimping out because of feelings of shyness
Find something to wear!!! Eeek!
Remember I can’t drink myself confident because of….
SUSSAN 10km this Sunday morning
Refrain from berating myself because I haven't trained as much as I'd planned.
Try not to worry too much that I am running like a 3-toed sloth at the moment and my achilles seems to be playing up a bit.
Pack bag on Saturday.
Set alarm clock.
Try not to be too disappointed if I don’t PB.
BARBECUE W/ J'S FRIENDS this Sunday afternoon
Plan what to eat beforehand.
Drink light beer because I have to train tomorrow
TRIATHLON Sunday week
Refrain from berating myself because I haven't trained as much as I'd planned
Panicking is for my diva-esque friend M. Cheerful and stoic is the LBTEPA way (stop laughing!). I've been DFL* before.
Remember this is a practice for January and March.
Don't fail to organise a surfing weekend because of feelings of shyness/unworthiness.
Book motel with spa (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

That's a good list. I can do that.

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*Dead Last

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Don't talk to me: I am too cranky. I completely failed to manage the fact that there was no real food at the election party last night, instead stupidly indulging in a sickening scoff-fest of pate, cheese, chips and wine. I arrived home today after a 4-hour drive to a fine for running a red light - earned the day a few weeks ago that I actually had 3 hours of free time to myself and went into the city for a lovely lunch by the river. Serves me right for having a nice time (sulks).
I am so cranky and irritable I can hardly stand myself. I didn't even run today. Noddie is being cranky too. The Spousal Unit is being wonderful, the beast.
WHY AREN'T I PERFECT????????? IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanks, Thorpie

I really love swimming. I enjoy doing it and I'm good at it. I think it's a beautiful sport to watch.
I spent a great deal of my adolescence churning up and down a pool, so I have some understanding of the amount of effort and concentration and discipline and sacrifice it takes to excel at swimming. I cannot imagine the pressure this young man has been under, carrying the hopes and expectations of a sport-mad nation and his own exceptionally high personal standards.
Thanks for everything, Thorpie. You were beautiful to watch, a pleasure to listen to and an inspiration to many. Now off you go and enjoy yourself.
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I am off to Mum's on Friday to be her election campaign PA and hand out how-to-vote cards for her amazing 19 year old candidate. I have to do a bunch of stuff before then to ensure that I don't return to complete chaos so I not sure when I'll be posting next. If Noddie screams herself to vomiting point at bedtime again tonight I may need to vent!!! We have no idea where this behaviour has come from.... I am getting very tired of washing her sheets (sigh....)
HOTW update (as you have been longing to hear how they were going). HOTW#1 (no diet coke) - none for several weeks, yay. HOTW#3 (1.5l water every day) - 7/7 so far. HOTW #2 (no food 'extras'), er, needs more work. Did you notice my fancy-pants new tables? Putting AFDs (Alcohol Free Days) out there is part of Project 'don't kid yourself'. It's all good, no?
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Monday, November 20, 2006

What a good weekend that was!

Well, that was soooooooo much fun!
Making cakes with Noddie, tearing around like a lunatic making sure the house was spotless (b/c my friend V was coming over), doing last-minute shopping dashes, decorating with huge balloon-streamers and happy-birthday signs, throwing salads together, preparing painting stuff, cleaning up all the dog poo....
Five little girls and four parents – two of whom I hadn’t met, oh the stress of being shy, I’m sure I gushed – decorated cakes, made glue-and-glitter pictures and butterfly pictures and hand-print pictures and ran in the back yard and played on the slide and the swing and ate fairy bread and saveloys and the cakes, and sang happy birthday….
Then about 20 more people arrived and we fired up the barbie and sat out on the verandah in the warm evening and ate and talked to friends we hadn’t seen all winter and drank and opened presents and lit sparklers and sang happy birthday again and ate more cake…
Next morning we wandered around with garbage bags and hid the evidence and J and I and Mum and bro and S-i-l sat on the back verandah in the sun in our pjs and listened to the pond and drank tea and had a fry up and stepped over the toys and wrapping and ran the dishwasher twice and drank more tea and ate leftover chips and chocolate.
And then I went to the gym and ran 10km on the treadmill and this morning I swam before work.
And last night I went around and stuck little signs saying “don’t kid yourself” on the wine rack and the pantry and the fridge, because it’s time I acknowledged that what I’m doing is not getting me where I want to go.
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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday Noddie

Little did I know three years ago, my little sweetheart, that the happiest time of my life was about to begin.

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Happy birthday darling girl

Thursday, November 16, 2006


(warning: post contains shameless skiting)

2006 Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology

Practical and Applied Skills - 82%
Theory of Applied Psychology - 84%
Research Design and Analysis - 84%

*Does VERY HAPPY dance*

50% screaming WOOOOOOOOOOO F#$%ING HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!I DID IT!!!!!!!!
50% (deep exhale) I'll just sleep for two weeks now if nobody minds, and maybe have a little cry
(and 100% FIGJAM, baby!!!!)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Can I do it?

I've just noticed that I still have 166km to go to reach my 2006 goal of running 1000km - and 49 days to do it in.
And a triathlon to do, so I have to ride my bike sometimes. And fit in a swim from time to time. Oh, and go to work. And manage the house. But not study! Hee hee!
And cold germs to fight off - even the mighty Spousal Unit has been felled by this one, so I am chugalugging the echinacea and Vit C AGAIN.
I might have to throw away my get-out-of-training-free card - I usually turn off the alarm if I have to get up to Noddie more than once. No longer! Sleep is for blokes.
But somehow I'm having trouble getting all het up about 'getting there'. I'm not madly planning and stragetising about how to fit it all in and make it all happen. Is this laziness, or balance? Am I losing my drive, or being 'zen'? Blowed if I know.

This week has lots of exciting things to look forward to. Our uni marks will be ready on Friday! Let's see how many marks I'll take into 2007, the year of the Thesis. I worked as hard and smart as I could so I'm really hoping for a good outcome.
And darling Noddie turns three on Saturday, God bless her. Her party will be so much fun, and so will the adults' afterparty!
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Friday, November 10, 2006

well fancy that

Thanks so much for the supportive comments - they really do help. LBTEPA's evil whiny twin has had her splash in the self-pity pool and left the premises for the moment.

I’ve just come back from the bike shop. The mystery clunk that has enlivened recent rides has been fixed. I consulted several brainy friends as to its probable cause so as to not appear a complete nuffy to the all-knowing bike shop blokes. I don’t think I fooled them though! It was a bearing in the axle – spot on J., and Chris from work, well done! And I found out that my 13 year old bike is actually far too big for me – so there you go. The bike bloke adjusted my seat to the ‘right’ height, which will feel very odd when I ride tomorrow!
*UPDATE: it felt very odd, but in a more efficient and ergonomically better way*

Noddie-the-germ-magnet has come home with yet another disgusting plague so we are all a bit peaky – Noddie had a two-hour sleep this afternoon so I could have a nap myself (thank you God), and the poor Spousal Unit is asleep on the couch after I pumped him full of echinacea and vit C. Speed training at the gym was really hard, but there was no other time I could thrash myself into a beetroot-faced lather under those oh-so-flattering fluorescent lights amidst throngs of youthful single-digit body fat types, so I had to go then. And now it’s done I can eat pizza and drink smugly instead of guiltily.
Does anyone know how to put a table in the sidebar? I’ve come up with an insanely complex and ridiculously gung-ho exercise schedule and I want to keep track of how often I manage all the sessions.

PARENTS ONLY NEWS: (don’t say I didn’t warn you) – there is wild excitement in our house because NODDIE HAS DONE POO IN THE TOILET EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!!! Praise has been lavished and many chocolate frogs bestowed – I know, I know, food rewards = food issues in later life, but we were desperate…and I can intoduce an intermittent reinforcement schedule from here on…..and she can always write a book later about how I ruined her life and make heaps of money (*looking on the bright side*)
More anon, friends :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windscreen

There’s something about the huge, headachingly gritted-teeth, not speaking harshly, desperate-temper-keeping-so-as-not-to-provoke-an-infuriating-reflex-“NO!” part of a day spent with a tired almost-3 year old, while simultaneously doing the post–holiday cleaning and washing and devising a stream of distractions/not-too-challenging-but-not-just-TV activities, and trying to enjoy being with her and feeling guilty and dreadful because I love her more than anything but almost hate her when she’s being so very contrary, that makes me want to EAT. And eat. And eat.
Anaesthesia by carbs.
And Noddie’s food is so yummy and comforting – mmmmmmmm vegemite sandwiches, baked beans, vegie burgers……
But I didn’t steal any while I was preparing it. Or cleaning it up off the floor. And I didn’t eat any of her leftovers.

The chardonnay was not so lucky.

I did the best I could yesterday. I’ll do better next time.

Non-whingeing news:
My new Habit of the Week (HOTW) = drink at least 1.5L of water every day. People swear by it, so I'll give it a bash.
I ran twice over the weekend, totalling 18km. FIGJAM, eh?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What a great city this is

to have a public holiday for a horse race! No such luck for the Spousal Unit in the brutal world of retail - but at least he got to start an hour later (at 8.00) so I could exhibit extreme keenness and go out on my bike for an hour before he left. I've been fired up by the brilliant performances of Nancy, Bolder and Kahuna in Ironman Florida on Sunday - we were absolutely glued to the live feed from the race all afternoon. Isn't technology wonderful? It was fascinating, and very inspiring, to see all the athletes come across the line in real time.
If only I could get some of their undoubted dietary discipline!(makes sad and disappointed-with-self face). Still, I no longer drink diet coke, and I will keep on trying to eliminate "extras". I'm still in a bit of post-uni shock so I think it will take me a while to transfer that energy to other projects.
On to more critical issues - what to back in the Cup? I'm torn between Tawqueet and Poprock but my Mum, an astute judge of the neddies, is backing Mandela so I may have to drop a bob or two on that as well. Noddie is all set for her first visit to the TAB. Don't tell the Good Mum police!
BTW I cut 3cm off my hair by myself on Sunday b/c it was giving me the pip, and because I was Over Excited watching the Ironman - and it actually looks better. (*beams*)
Ooops Playschool has just finished so today's 'me-time' is OVAH.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Go east, young woman!

Even after 9 hours sleep last night I feel flat and overwhelmed by lassitude today.

The exam was really intense but I think I did ok.

We had an eventful trip to Mum & Dad's involving many adventures
- missing the train by the length of an escalator. Many thanks to you Ms couldn't-give-a-rat's-arse ticket office woman, for your swift and helpful service. NOT. Here's the raised digit I was too shattered to give you yesterday. Also thanks to the architects for their inspired placement of the east-bound trains at the extreme west side of the station, accessible from the ticket office only by way of a long eastbound concourse, two escalators and the entire width of the station, meaning we actually had to cover the distance twice to get there. Just too late. With a four hour wait until the next train.
- kicking a pole several times and saying 'bloody Spencer St" - which Noddie has since recounted to Gran, Grandad, and Daddy over the phone.
- not crying. Gold medal stiff upper lip award to LBTEPA.
- eating our breakfast together on the platform while we regrouped and worked out our next plan. Noddie and Teddy were troupers. Southern Cross Station is a gorgeous piece of architecture when you're not trying to catch an east-bound train.
- catching the next east-bound train, which only went half way, and taking advantage of my saintly mother's offer to pick us up. I was almost tearful with gratitude - it's not as though she has nothing to do with her day but make a 3-hour round drive.
- marching Noddie up to the charming and tolerant conductor to apologise for pressing the emergency button while we were in the toilet. It was just before a stop so for a horrified moment I thought we'd stopped the train!! Tip for Mums - those buttons are placed low down - do not turn your back for an instant!
- buying Mum a coffee as a thankyou and leaving it on top of the car so it fell off when we drove away.
- laughing hysterically the rest of the day whenever we mentioned the coffee.

This morning we have sat on the back verandah in the sun, been down the street, had a coffee, bought a new top and a Playschool video and had our lunch. We are listening to the races and a horse called Ankh Morpork is running in the Derby. All is well. Real life can start again next week.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Go visiting

Not me - it's me and Theory of Applied Psychology until 4.10pm tomorrow, and then I have a date with the best champagne the LaTrobe Bar can dish out - but you!
A bunch of people I've met online are lining up at Ironman Florida this weekend. These individuals are very inspiring to me. Pop over and wish Bolder,Nancy, and Kahuna kindness from the Race Gods. Stop by and tell Jeanne that she is a LEGEND for taking ALMOST AN HOUR off her marathon time on Sunday!
Off you go, have fun!
You'll probably not hear from me until the weekend as Noddie and I are off to Gran's (300km away) on the train on Friday morning!! I love train journeys and Noddie is obsessed by all forms of public transport. The Spousal Unit will drive up after work on Saturday night. Hurrah for adventures!!